How To Remove Unwanted Objects From Photos On Android

There could be any reason if you want to remove a watermark, sticker or an unwanted object from a photo. Sometimes we got any picture from WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or using internet. If that picture already comes with a watermark or logo of and if you want to remove that without compromising the picture quality. You are at the right place, in this post I am gonna share you how to remove unwanted objects from photos on android phone.

There are too many ways to remove a watermark, logo, sticker or any text from any photo. You can remove any text or watermark from online as well as offline too. If you ask me I’ll always prefer offline way to free my picture. Offline simply means that you need an application to do so.

But this post is all about removing an unwanted object from a photo on android phone. You can have any reason if you want to remove watermark from photo on your android. I am going to tell you the best app which can remove any of watermark, text or logo from any photo.

remove unwanted objects from photos
How to remove unwanted objects form photos on android phone

Remove Unwanted Object Is The Best App For Android To Remove Watermark From Photos

There are so many apps who claims to be the best watermark, text or unwanted object remover for android. But I really liked one app which name is “remove unwanted object”

I found this remove unwanted object app very useful, it has simple and clean user interface. This watermark remover apk is totally free and which is made by BG. Studio. It is very easy to use and consumes less memory than any other watermark or text remover apps for android phones.

Remove unwanted object is really awesome app which can easily remove any text or any unwanted logo from any image on your android phone. Remove unwanted object app does its job very well that you can’t even notice any kind of editing in the picture. Follow these simple steps to remove any text or logo from any photo.

[su_heading size=”18″ margin=”10″]Requirements[/su_heading]

  • Check if installation of new apps from unknown sources are blocked or not, if blocked then simply go to your phone’s settings then security & Privacy and enable it for file manager. Because whenever first time you are going to use any app which is out of the google play store it will show you installation blocked from unknown sources. But if you are installing remove unwanted object directly from your phone’s play store you are good to go and you have nothing to worry about this step.
remove unwanted objects  from photos
Install from unknown sources
  • Now download and install remove unwanted object apk from google play store, Download link is given below.

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How to remove watermark, text, stickers or any unwanted object from any photo

remove unwanted text, watermark, objects from photos
Remove unwanted object – user interface
  • Download and install remove unwanted object app from google play store.
  • Open the app and select that image from your camera or gallery of which you want to remove watermark or unwanted texts.
  • Now simply scroll your finger tip over the area which you want to remove from that image.
  • It will be selected as a red marker, now click on process button and see the magic, it will automatically remove your unwanted text .
  • Now click on save button and your image will be saved in your gallery without any kind of unwanted object.

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So the post was about how you can easily remove any watermark or unwanted text or object from any photo on your android phone. I mentioned remove unwanted object as a best watermark remover app. If you find any other app which is really good or better than this one please let me know in the comment section.

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