How To Force Stop All Android Apps In One Click No Root

Looking for best app freezer app for android phone? or if you were searching for best battery saver app for android mobile then your search ends here. Learn how to close or force stop all android apps in just one click. There are plenty of tutorials available on many websites for how to close all the android apps which are running in background. But those methods and apps are available only for rooted android phones. In this post you will gonna learn how to force stop all android apps in one click without root.

The best way to save your android phone’s battery is to stop or close background apps. Those apps consumes your phones battery power, even if you don’t need those apps and they are still running. In this situation you need to close those unnecessary apps, which are running in the background.

force stop all android app in one click no root

[h]The Myth Of Battery Saver Apps[/h]

There are many battery saver apps are available on Google play Store like Clean masterdu battery saver, battery doctor, one tap booster etc. These battery saver apps claims that they can improve your battery life by cleaning running apps. Whenever you will run any battery saver app, it will close all running apps for temporary, remember it will close those running apps only for temporary. After closing background apps, you will get better performance through your android device for a while. But after few seconds those closed apps will automatically starts running again and this whole process consumes more battery power than before.

Hope you were understand why you should not use any kind of battery saver or task killer app. The task manager or task killer apps won’t help you to improve your phone’s battery or performance. Just stay away from these craps.

If you truly want to close unnecessary apps which are running in the background then you have to force stop those apps.

There could be plenty of apps which may consume your battery power without your need. If you will gonna force stop all the apps one by one it may take very much time. In this post you will gonna learn how to force stop all android apps in one click without rooting your phone.

Force stop All Android Apps In One Click With Greenify App

Greenify is a great app which is available on Google Play store. It is the true battery saver app which can really save your android phone’s battery . “Greenify is best battery saver app for an android device”. This greenify app can save your phone’s battery by closing running apps in background.

Greenify app saves your android phone’s battery by hibernating certain apps. This Greenify can force stop all android apps in one click. Greenify works good in rooted android phones as well as non rooted android phones.

[h]How Greenify Works In Rooted Android Phones[/h]

In rooted android phones Greenify app works alot better than non rooted android phones. The main advantage of using Greenify app in rooted android phones is having a option boost mode. Boost mode will not work in non rooted android phones. Whenever you put your phone in boost mode, it will works amazingly to save your phone’s battery life. You will get smoother experience with your android device with a very good battery life.

After rooting an android phone, you can do lots of amazing thing with your android device. Just root your android phone and Install Xposed installer app. Install module of Greenify app in Xposed installer app. After installing module, restart your android phone and choose boost mode.

Actually in rooted android phones, Greenify puts all the unnecessary apps in hibernation mode. Greenify puts in hibernation mode only those apps which you are not using. When any app is not running in your phone’s background then automatically you will get a better battery life with good performance.

[h]How Greenify Works In Non Rooted Android Phones[/h]

In Non rooted android phones Greenify can force stop all running background apps automatically. All you need to do select your apps which you want to close or force stop automatically. After setting up Greenify app whenever you put your phone side and screen goes off, it will force stop all android apps automatically. You can create hibernation shortcut to close or force stop all android apps in one click.

How To Set Up Greenify App To Force Stop All Android Apps In One Click

To Force stop all android apps in one click, first you have to set up Greenify apk. Follow these steps to set it up in your android phone:

  • Download and Install Greenify app from Google Play Store.
  • Open Greenify app and select working mode – My device is not rooted (if your device s not rooted).
force stop all android apps in one click

Select working mode

  • Allow Greenify Automated Hibernation.
automated hibernation

Allow Greenify app for automated hibernation

  • Permit drawing over other apps.
close running background apps in one click

Permit drawing over other apps

  • For smart hibernation your have to grant permission and if you don’t want this just skip this option.
Free download Greenify app smart hibernation

Grant permission for smart hibernation

  • Allow usage access from accessibility.
force stop all background apps in one click

Allow usage access for Greenify app from accessibility setting

  • Click on + icon to add some apps for hibernation, whenever you will not gonna use those apps, those apps will be automatically closed (hibernated) by Greenify app.
Free download Greenify Donate Package) Apk

Select apps for hibernation

  • Go to settings and Check these options:- automated hibernation and Don’t remover notifications.
  • Now create hibernation shortcut or hibernation shortcut + lock screen on your home screen.
hibernate app with greenify no root

Create hibernation shortcuts

  • Whenever you will gonna click your hibernation shortcut button, Greenify app will close all running background apps.
  • That’s it! You’re all done! Now your Greenify app is ready to force stop all android apps in one click.
  • Greenify app will also close all running background apps automatically when phone’s screen goes off.

If you want to use other remains experimental features also then you have to download Greenify (Donation package). By donate package of Greenify app you can also set system apps for hibernation mode. So Greenify (Donate Package) might be very useful if you want to save your phone’s battery.

Free Download Greenify (Donate Package)

Greenify (Donate Package) is paid version which is available on google play Store. But from here you can download Greenify (Donate Package) for free. The download link is given below, copy that link and open in new tab of your browser.

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You can watch this video about how to hibernate apps with Greenify apk.

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Greenify is best battery saver app for android devices. Greenify can save not only your phone’s battery life but also it can boost your phone’s performance as well. You can force stop all android apps in one click with Greenify app. And for this you don’t need to root your android phone. but if you want to use full potential of Greenify app, you need to root your android device. But if you are a beginner then we would like to recommend you to use this Greenify app without root.

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