How To Copy Thousand Of Small Files 400% Faster

Doesn’t matter if you are using a phone or windows computer it takes normal time to transfer or copy any file from one folder to another. But when it comes to copy thousand of small files from it automatically takes more time than ever. Copying small files will always take longer time and gives us the irritation which we never wish for. In this post you are going to learn the easiest way to copy thousand of small files faster than ever.

If you are still using windows 7 then you really need to upgrade because Microsoft has announced that supports for windows 7 will be no longer till 14 January 2020. Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 is much faster than windows 7 in boot time and copying files also. We are not going to cover this topic we are here to discuss about why it takes longer time to copy bunch of small files.

These small files can be in any format like image (jpeg, jpg, png, gif), so what makes copying small files slower? Why any folder contains thousand of images or any little files takes more time than a folder which contains only few files even if the size is bigger? Well Lets find out the answer, what makes these files copying time slower.

how to copy thousand of small files 400% faster

Why Copying thousand of small files takes more time than Normal

Whenever we copy something first our computer’s CPU calculate how many items have to copy or transfer. If you are copying a folder which contains lots of image files, then first your computer will start calculating time and making assumptions that how much time it may take to copy that whole folder. And this is the main point where your device consumes time. Now your computer will start copying files from one folder to other and it will always show you how many items are left and how much time it may take.

Same rule applies on android devices also, or any device you are using the result will be always same. Copying small files will always be slower than normal files.

Easiest way to copy small files 400% faster in windows or android phone

There are bunch of applications are available for free to increase your copy speed in windows. You can download them for free as well like teracopy, extreme copy, supreme copier, copy handler, talent copy v. You can use robocopy too for increasing your copying speed.

But here the topic is how to increase copying speed for small files which are in large amount. So whenever you have to copy such small files, just compress them with your file explorer. Ok for better understanding I am writing steps for this simple trick:

In Windows

In windows 7,8,8.1,10 you can copy these bunch of tiny files much faster by just compressing it in zip or rar format.

For compressing files you can use 7zip or winrar.

  • Make a folder and move all the small files in that folder, If files are already in a folder that’s great!
  • Now compress this folder into a zip file or rar file, its totally up to you, but I’ll prefer zip format.
  • That’s it! Its all you have to do, just compress those small files into a zip or format file.
  • Now if you will copy this one zip compressed file it will be copy 5 times faster than normal file copying speed.

In Android

Copying large amount of small files takes too much time in android also, so if you want to copy your files much faster then just compress it into a zip or rar file.

There are another compression methods are available too but zip files are much faster in terms of compression speed and that’s why i prefer zip format.

There are many free archiver apps are available which can zip or unzip your files. My favorites archiver apps are B1 archiver and RAR. You can use any of these.

  • Make a new folder, you can rename it if you want.
  • Now move all the tiny files in this folder.
  • Just compress it with android with any archiver app.
  • That’s it, now you are ready to transfer this one compressed file to your PC or anywhere you want.
  • If you will share this one compressed file via wifi-direct, xender or share it, the file transferring speed will be much faster than normal.

Why copying a compressed file is faster than several small files?

If you compress all these thousand or millions of small files into a zip format then your computer will assume this as a one file and due to compression, file’s size will also reduced. So that’s why copying a compressed file is much faster than its original format. You should always use compression technique for your large or small files.

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So this post was about how to transfer or copy thousand of small files 400% faster. You can use this method of compressing files for fast transfer when you have to take a backup of your android game. Its up to you use wherever you want , If you have any question about faster copying files then please let me know in the comment section.

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