How to overcome anger

angerHow to overcome Anger? The solution to this quite is not so easy it is very tiring and hard effort. Anger is a strong emotion which can be pretty destructive at times. It clouds our judgment and pushes us in the dark valley of pain. Certain amount of anger is necessary for a human being’s survival in this cruel world but excess of it is bad .We can’t physically attack everyone who annoy us. Some social norms, rules, laws and common sense place limitation on how far our anger can drive us.

It’s better for our own safety and good state of mind that we deal with anger in a mature and civilized manner. This involves controlling our outward behavior as well as our inward responses.Let’s make a resolution today that no matter what pushes our buttons, it’s not worth putting our own physical and mental health at stake.
The 3 most often used approaches to interrupt anger are
·         Change your thoughts
·         Change your language
·         Change your physical position
These are not only famous but also self-explanatory. But let’s discuss a few other techniques as well which are very handy in kicking away the state of anger.
Breathing Techniques
breathing techniques

Putting all your focus on the flow of breath in and out of your body soothes and helps to clear one’s mind. Taking deep breaths provides more oxygen to your brain and the rest of your body eventually helps to relieve you off the tension which causes anger.

The best way is to stand up and loosen your shirt, a bit, and then take a deep breath in such a way that you have to inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Repeat this for a few minutes and then close your eyes. You will feel that your body is relaxing. It works best if you do it at regular basis. You can do yoga too.
A big, genuine, bright smile always helps in every situation. It works as a catalyst to diffuse negative situations. It’s pretty hard to smile when all you want is lashing at the other person, but this is the easiest way to deal with the negative thoughts which are the roots of majority of your problems as they trigger anger.
Make a list of things that lighten up our face and make us smile. Such things can be a person we love, a pet, any movie we love watching, hanging out with our friends or getting lost in the valley of good memories.A good laugh can surely kick away all the evil thoughts lingering around us.
Forgive and Forget
forgive forget to overcome angerA trait that is difficult but when mastered is better than all other approaches. It’s a small life so instead of moving around with a heart full of grudges and hatred, why not we swing around kindheartedly in joy. Your heart should be a house of your loved ones, not of the people you hate. So we can’t let the grudges to fill the space in our hearts. With the beginning of every new day, we should forgive the ones who did wrong to us and forget their deeds.
The longer we keep a grudge against someone, the longer we will experience pain, illness and will feel gross.A wise man said “Unable to forgive someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die”.

Share Your Thoughts

Another way of kicking anger away is by sharing our thoughts with a friend or writing them in your diary. Writing down all your negative and positive thoughts helps a lot. The anger flows out of our system and you`ll feel relaxed then. “A pen is mightier than a sword” fits well here. In anger we may do things that we would regret later so does anger worth it? So when anger starts to conquer over other emotions then it is advisable to take out every thought on a parchment. Later when we read it, we realize that we made a good decision by not reacting to anger spontaneously. This method helps in releasing tensions.
When you need to shrug off the heat of anger, try one of these activities. They accelerate your thinking process and make you capable of making a good decision. Nobody wins in the game of expressing anger.
These technique will help you a lot to overcome anger.

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