How to get rid of bruises

bruises on faceBruises are generally blue marks on your skin which arise due to breakage of blood vessels in upper layer of skin. It causes the leakage of blood and broken tissues which are later stuck to cause the skin surface look like black and blue spots. Generally bruises are cured on their own but if they are big and in more quantity, it just not become acceptable for you to wait for some days and get them cured on your own. In such scenario it becomes evident to use some remedies and medicines and they can be cured by practicing some of the famous methods used since centuries. Given under are few tips and tactics that you can use to get rid of bruises and answer the question “how to get rid of bruises”?

  1. Icing the Bruised surface:

applying iceIcing is very helpful for most of skin situations and curing bruises. All you need to do is take some ice and wrap it up into a piece of cloth or any little shopping bag, and apply it over the swollen and bruised area. The sooner you apply this technique, there are more chances of curing the bruises fastly. If you are wondering about how much time you need to ice, then do not be surprised to know that 15minutes of icing is enough.



2 Lifting up the Bruised Surface:

varicose_veins_01_img0036The bruised area need to be lifted up than rest of your body as it is necessary for reducing the blood flow with help of gravity. This technique is very effective as the blood flow reduces, the bruises seem to disappear more quickly than usual. The reason behind this technique is that your heart will pool less blood into the effected surface which in return becomes helpful in healing the bruise sooner. This technique could be very helpful when you have your arms or legs bruised up but in case your torso or abdomen is bruised then it might not be really very helpful.





3 Using Painkillers:

pain-killers-howtoways.comPainkillers are medically designed products to reduce the pain. They are really very helpful if you have unbearable pains but you need to be careful about the dosage either by a doctor’s recommendation or following the guidelines giving on the medicines.



3 Taking Rest:

sleepingBruises are generally occurred over muscular area, due to carelessness or accidently. Thus the rest becomes evident to relieve you from the pain and allow the bruised area to cure on its own. In all cases this should be assured that you do not pressure your muscles to enhance the blood flow in the affected area as otherwise they could get worse. In order to prevail, any more muscle tension or injuries just relax and let your body heal the bruises and marks all by itself.



4 Visiting a Doctor:

successful female doctor holding somethingIf in case your bruises are not getting healed by using the home remedies and extra careful techniques. You should go visit your doctor; sometimes bruises are not what they appear to be and could be any form of skin problems which couldn’t be judged by the layman approach.

Hope all of the  techniques mentioned here were really helpful for you in getting rid of bruises.

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